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At Ride Holidays we offer a wide range of bike tours.  Whether it’s following an event like the Tour Down Under, or experiencing the thrills of a bike Tour of Vietnam, or simply enjoying the thrills of cycling in the Canadian Rockies - we can help. We encourage non-biking partners to join our trips; and to ensure they enjoy themselves equally, we tailor events and activities throughout the tour for them.

We run our own bike tours as well as work closely with other trusted cycle holiday partners. We offer a range of cycle tours from private group tours, event based tours e.g. following and participating in the Tour Down Under, or organising a fully customised tour.

Italy Cycle Tour

Tour of Italy - Cycle Tour

Tour of Italy

11 Day Road Cycling Tour
Sept 2018 - Book Now

Tour Down Under Cycling Tours

Tour Down Under 2018

9 Day Cycle Tour
January 2018 | 3 Rooms Remaining

Lake Taupo (NZ) Bike Tour

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, NZ Cycle Tours and Holidays

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

7 Day Cycle Tour
November 2017 | 6 Rooms Remaining

Canadian Rockies Cycle Tour

Canadian Rockies Bike Tour

Canadian Rockies Bike Tour

15 Day Road Cycling Tour
September 2018 | SOLD OUT

Other Destinations, Spring Classics, Tour de France, Cuba, Vietnam

Spring Classics & WW1 Centenary

14 Day Cycle Tour
April 2018 | SOLD OUT

Tour de France Bike Tour

Tour de France

14 Day Cycle Tour
July 2017 SOLD OUT | Book for 2018

Cuba Cycle Tour


15 Day Cycle Tour
July 2017 | SOLD OUT

Vietnam Bike Tours

Tour of Vietnam

16 or 23 Day Cycle Tour
Aug 2017 | SOLD OUT

Ride Holidays specialises in providing escorted group cycling tours and holidays, within New Zealand and to other key overseas destinations. We offer a range of structured tours including: the Tour de France, Tour Down Under 2018 Tour, Tour of Italy, Canadian Rockies Bike Tour, Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, Tour of Vietnam, Tour of Cuba, Spring Classics / WW1 Centenary Cycle Tour.


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