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Support our 'Climbing for Charity' event, where we aim to raise $10,000 to get more kids on bikes.


Te Awakairangi Trust

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Since 2018 RIDE Holidays has been working with Te Awakairangi Trust www.takatrust.org.nz


Our primary goal is put bikes in schools and targeting kids that need them the most, providing an opportunity to learn how to ride a bike - something that you and I take for granted.

We are also committed to not just handing over a bike and saying go for it. We plan to work with the Trust so the kids learn and are trained in bike maintenance, safety and education.

Cycling has been very good for RIDE Holidays which is why we've agreed to match any donation you make. Our target for 2018 was originally 25 bikes for one school. We actually achieved 50 bikes for two schools. Taitai Central and Randwick Primary School. Our new goal is to supply bikes to two new schools each year. As of March 2019 we've just rolled out our third school - Naenae Primary. Small steps. Being transparent - we are purchasing the bikes (including helmet) through https://iride.net.nz/ for $450.00. We are seeking donations from you for either ¼ (NZD112.50) or ½ (NZD225.00) or of course a complete bike. (NZD450.00)

Te Awakairangi Access Trust is a registered charity. For this reason it will be the trust that takes payment from you so that you are sent an official receipt and can then take advantage of the tax exemptions (only available to New Zealanders I'm afraid) come the end of the financial year. We promise to make this an easy process.

Our goal is let you know exactly what schools and children benefit from your donation. We will send you photos and I'm sure the kids will want to show their appreciation. So, how about helping us get a few children on bikes?

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