About Ride Holidays

Karl Woolcott, Dean Mills and Chris Wood have been successfully organising cycling holidays since 2005 and have helped thousands of lycra-clad Kiwis and Australians cycle all around the world. Karl's background prior to becoming a tour operator was as a travel agent. He still has an affiliation with House of Travel - through senior consultant Kristen Kerry. Who will happily organise flights, insurance, extra accommodation and tours to fit in with your RIDE Holidays trip. Their experience means that they really can answer all those difficult questions that arise when taking a bike on holiday.

  • Is my bike covered by insurance?
  • What will the airline charge?
  • Can I fit a bike in a taxi in Paris?
  • Can I take gas cartridges on the plane?

The team for each trip is different. Although there is a core consistency. Dean Mills and Chris Wood travel with Karl on the majority of trips. Dean's i.t skills as well as his ride planning capabilities are one of the factors that sets RIDE Holidays above other companies. Chris is the Australian operations manager. It's because of his enthusiasm and attention to detail that RH are now the most popular Santos Tour Down Under tour operator.

Over the last decade we have worked with a lot of really good people. Those people still work with us today. Ryan Fowler (California) and Ben Johnson (Edmonton) work on all our North American trips. In France and Italy the team includes two French guides - Patrick and Morgan, alongside Koen the Belgium legend.

Silas Cullen (ez NZ, now France) is a valuable part of the team. He not only guides for us but also writes all the professional training programs that we supply for each trip.

The Tour Down Under team consists of Karl, Dean, Chris and Adelaide locals - Andrew, Jeremy & Ali Leach, Wayne Haskard, Davis Kerr, David Catt, Katrina Mills, Duncan Crouch, Todd N and Todd P and Daniel Milne.

Most importantly - the team has worked together for over 10 years. They understand how Kiwis and Australians work. Providing structure, however recognising that a lot of cyclists don't want to feel as though they are following a tourist flag. So, they'll offer freedom when it's safe to do so.

They also recognise that non-riding partners (Team Macchiato) are as important as the cyclist. They guarantee that they will have as much fun as those on the bikes.

Finally - there are a lot of internet tour agencies that offer cycle tours. Do you know them? Exactly who are you handing over your money to? Will they turn up at the airport? Will the hire bikes be OK? 100% of RIDE Holidays' finances are held by House of Travel Wellington who are fully TAANZ & IATA bonded. There is zero liability risk and also a decade of experience to make sure that your cycling holiday runs smoothly.


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