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7 - 20 August 2024, 14 days / 13 nights | SOLD OUT

After a very successful trip to the Arctic in 2019, we’ve decided to return. It was one of the best trips we’ve ever organised.   

Feedback from our clients was “Don’t change anything”. We haven’t!!  

Norway is simply stunning as you can see by the photos. The locals are incredibly friendly and embrace those who ride bikes. We were lucky to be riding in really warm temperatures. (Early 20's most days). Let's hope for more of the same in 2024.

Non-riders (Team Macchiato) are very welcome. Team Mac will need to be active. Think of it as more of a guided walking tour than cycling. We’ve got a great mix of local Norwegian guides and regular RH staff. You will be well looked after.  

There’s plenty of time to relax on this trip as we aren’t following a race or doing an event. Each hotel we stay at is special. There’s a lot of off the bike activities and we have plenty of free time.

You will see that we’ve included the majority of meals. That’s because many of the areas we visit are remote. Beautifully remote.

Look forward to seeing you in the Arctic.

Overview of the Tour

Our trip starts and finishes in Tromso – known for being the capital city of the Arctic. It’s a stunning city and well worth the 3 nights we stay here. We then embark on up to 750km of pure Norwegian bliss. 

The majority of which hugs the coast. Yes, you can opt in or out as much as you like. Some of the days will only be 60km. Others will reach into the triple figures. Navigation is pretty easy – often there’s only one road. 

Our days are long though as it’s almost 24 hours of light at this time of the year. That’s just as well as there’s plenty to fit in. 

Yes, the cycling is fantastic however it’s the whole adventure package that makes this one of our best trips. We are really looking forward to returning. Hope you’ll join us.

Cycle Tour of Norway - Tour Details

Tour Inclusions

  • Three days spent in and around Tromso
  • Ride at your pace. No pressure. Multiple ride options daily
  • 3 - 4 star hotels where possible
  • Meals as indicated
  • Cold drinks from the van, bananas etc
  • 4 - 5 staff depending on final numbers
  • Souvenir booklet, itinerary included
  • Ride Holidays cycling jersey
  • GPS assistance & physical maps
  • 10-week training program

The Tour Price Excludes

  • Airfares and extra accommodation
  • Travel Insurance - compulsory!
  • Meals, alcohol not indicated in itinerary

      Approximate Tour Cost (per person - New Zealand Dollars)

      $10950.00 NZD per person (Norway is expensive)

      $1815.00 NZD - Single room supplement

      $900.00 NZD - Bike Hire - standard road bike

      $1400.00 NZD - Bike Hire - e-bikes

      The initial deposit is $1000.00 per person. Full payment is required 90 days prior to departure. At which time we suggest that you have a comprehensive travel insurance in place.

        Cycle Tour of Norway 2024 | Tour Itinerary

        Day 1 - Wednesday 07 August 

        Welcome to Tromso, Arctic Capital and your home for the next two nights. We will meet you at the airport. Some of you may want to arrive early which is also fine. We’ll organise any extra accommodation you need.

        Our Tromso hotel is stunning. It’s called the Edge because it literally is right on the water’s edge. Right in the middle of Tromso but down by the harbour. A great place to start our trip.

        Day 1 is all about putting the bikes together and popping out for a short 30km ride. If renting a bike, then the team will make sure you feel comfortable. There’s no pressure in August to ride before it gets dark. That’s because – it doesn’t.

        Happy hour isn't until 10pm. (just Kidding) Tonight we dine at Emmas Drømmekjøkken. (how's your Norwegian? Drømmekjøkken in english translates to Dream Kitchen) Over dinner (with Arctic bubbles) we'll discuss the plan for the next few days and introduce the team. It's great to have you here.

        /Accommodation - Clarion Hotel The Edge
        /Meals included - Welcome Dinner

        Day 2 - Thursday 08 August

        5am yoga

        Nope, we’re not doing that. There's no need to get up early. It’s a holiday after all.

        We start our ride by crossing the Tromsøbrua (Tromsø Bridge). This will be the first of many over the next 14 days. We hug the coast line north for approx. 30km before turning right. At this turning point, we will stop for a photo as this is the northern most point of our journey. (69°47'86.4"N 19°32'75.0"E) Continuing on, we reach the small fishing Village of Oldvik with incredible views of the Lyngen alps. The beach front is a geological masterpiece with its Nepheline Syenites (slate like) rocks forming the beach front.

        Norway is not short on wildlife opportunities and today's a pretty good day to keep an eye open. Both on land and sea. If it's white big and kind of fluffy then - bike faster. Like all our rides over the next two weeks we'll have a support vehicle hand if you don't want to ride back. We see today as a great opportunity for some of you to tick off 100km. Others will be happy with 60 – 70km which is also fine.

        /Accommodation - Clarion Hotel The Edge
        /Meals included - Breakfast & Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)

        Day 3 - Friday 09 August

        The next week or so are more about quality than quantity. Put simply - they aren't long days in the saddle however you won't be complaining. The scenery is breath-taking. There are numerous ferries (up to 2hrs long) that we need to factor in. So, 70km could in fact take us the whole day. Especially when one stops for fresh crayfish for lunch.

        Anyway, day 3 takes us to Sommarøy. Door to door is about 75km. The actual cycling is reasonably flat (false flat) except for one 200m climb. It's the 1000m peaks that spring up out of the sea which are much more impressive - we won't make you bike up those.

        Tonight, we dine on Summer Island. Afterwards we'd recommend a stroll around Hillesøytoppen (top of the hill?) which gives you stunning views of Senja island. On that note, please bring good walking shoes. The off-road strolling opportunities are endless, and sneakers aren’t going to cut it. There will be as many memorable experiences off the bikes as on them.  

        /Accommodation - Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
        /Meals included - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

        Day 4 - Saturday 10 August

        Total ride distance today is 70km however it will take us most of the day to do this. Please keep in mind that we'll have support vehicles around us at all times. Today starts with a 7km ride from Sommarøy to Brensholmen fergekai where we board a ferry (1 hour) to the small village of Botnhamn on Senja island. It's then we ride 65km to Hamn. This majestic former fishing hamlet will be our home for tonight.

        A few things about the many tunnels you’ll ride through. They are really safe and very cycle friendly. Often the tunnel will be closed for cyclists. It is important that you have lights on your bike though. If fact, in Norway – it’s law.

        From Hamn, there's an out and back walk that also needs to be done. (Or maybe we could run it. Let's see) A little known fact about Hamn i Senja, nearby is the small dam that held back the waters for what is claimed to be the world's first hydroelectric plant, established in 1882.

        /Accommodation - Hamn i Senja
        /Meals included - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

        Day 5 - Sunday 11 August

        Today is a reasonably short ride day with a ferry thrown in. Tomorrow offers quite a long 100km ride so having a quiet day today isn’t such a bad thing.

        Our destination for this evening is Andenes. The village is the northernmost settlement of the island of Andøya. To the west the endless horizon of the North Atlantic Ocean. This particular part of Norway is known for having the country’s best beaches. There are also great opportunities to see wildlife and birdlife.

        Watch out for sea eagles swooping overhead. It’s also one of the world’s premier whale watching spots – there’s plenty of time to hop on a whale safari later on this afternoon although you may be lucky to see one if you keep an eye on the ocean while riding.

        Andenes has its own Northern Lights Centre which is well worth a visit. Although unlikely we will see the real thing in August.

        /Accommodation - Andenes Hotell Marena AS 
        /Meals included - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

        Day 6 - Monday 12 August

        At all times we will have two vans around us. There will be 3 guides on the road. Generally speaking - we see the group naturally splitting up in to two groups. We won’t put a km/hr number on it. Let’s just call it espresso followed by cappuccino.

        Today gives us the opportunity to ride hotel to hotel. 110km separates Andenes from Sortland. Our home for the next couple of nights. Sortland is known as the blue town. I've got a good idea -how about we all wear blue. (And pink) The locals will appreciate the effort.

        The ride is almost 100% water's edge. Take as many photos as you like. Rule number one – you are on holiday. There’s one road so it’s quite hard to get lost. We'll experience Typical Arctic scenery - almost Fiordland like. We like the idea of getting to Sortland early as it's fairly big town (10000 people) with all the facilities. By now you will have cycled 6 days in a row so the legs will be weary.

        /Accommodation - Scandic Sortland Hotel  
        /Meals included - Breakfast & Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)

        Day 7 - Tuesday 13 August

        After 3 one-night stays we feel that it’s important to have a 2-night stay. A chance to do washing, answer emails, drink coffee. Sortland has all the facilities.

        We will ride however the emphasis is on recovery. Yesterday was a long day. Tomorrow also offers the chance to ride 3 digits. So, todays ride is all about the coffee. We recommend Duus Matverk Sortland as the chosen café.

        Other things to do in Sortland? There’s the salmon farm where you can fish for dinner. Today is also your best chance to learn about the Sami culture. The Sami are the descendants of nomadic peoples who inhabited northern Scandinavia for thousands of years. Traditionally, they hunted reindeer. In Sortland they now farm deer. (Possibly also dinner?)

        Anyway – it’s a down day. There are also 3 or 4 massage spas in town. Time to give back to your legs.

        /Accommodation - Scandic Sortland Hotel
        /Meals included - Breakfast (Lunch & Dinner own arrangements)

        Day 8 - Wednesday 14 August

        Another day in paradise. All you have to do today is eat, drink and ride your bike. That's all. We’ll take care of everything else.

        Hotel to hotel is 115km as we ride from Sortland to Svolvaer. It’s your longest ride on tour. By the way – those wanting shorter rides will simply be dropped further on along the road. You can choose the exact mileage.

        We ride on the outer side of Hadseløya. Keep an eye open today for Muskox, a massive creature that looks a bit like a love child from a yak and a buffalo. Unwise to pat. And some of us less information - its name derives from the strong musky odor emitted (by the males of course) during the rutting season. Rumour has it they quite like lycra.

        Tonight, we are in for a bit of fun as we head down to the local ice bar. Claiming to be the largest ice bar in the world. Entry includes all warm clothing to cover you from head to ankle, included gloves. Oh, and a shot of their signature drink served in an ice glass. That's sure to warm us up…

        /Accommodation - Thon Hotel Lofotrn, Svolvaer
        /Meals included - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

        Day 9 - Thursday 15 August

        Tomorrow is complicated. Today is easy. Hop on your bike and ride 70km with approx. 1000VM. That’s all you need to do. 

        The ride today is one that has it all:

        • Iconic Norwegian seaside villages - Tick
        • Bike paths and quite roads - Tick
        • Norwegian Stone Henge - Tick
        • 4 bridge crossings, including the Gimsøystraumen Bridge - Tick
        • 1 Tunnel pass - Tick
        • Picnic lunch with a superb view - Tick
        • Finishing with the Hagskarveien climb giving a spectacular view of Leknes - Tick

        Here's some navigation advice for today. Please keep the blue stuff to the left and the green stuff to the right. That’s it. That’s all you need to think about.

        Leknes has a population of 3000 although at this time of the year there are often cruise ships in. One of the few towns in Lofoten that does not depend on fishing. Its town centre isn’t even by the sea which is very un-Norwegian. Tourism is its top earner. Its natural surroundings are among the most stunning in Norway, with mountain peaks, cliffs, and white sandy beaches. I dare you to go for a swim.

        /Accommodation - Scandic Leknes Lofoten Hotell
        /Meals included - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

        Day 10 - Friday 16 August

        We start with coffee. By the way, did you know that - consumption per capita rates among the highest in the world. Top three in fact. That's got to be a good thing.

        Today’s plan will be determined by the ferry timetable – once released. At a shade over 3hrs the ferry to Bodo is the longest we will experience.

        Here’s how it worked in 2019. 2024 (timetable permitting) will be similar. It’s a 60km ride to Moskenes which is the port where the ferry departs from. Let’s budget 4 hours for that as being late would be bad. It’s a long swim. In 2019 we had a mid-afternoon departure which would be our target again.

        We arrive quite late in Bodo which is our destination for 2 nights. Bodø is located just north of the Arctic Circle. It’s also the 19th biggest city in Norway with 55000 people. Most of the town was destroyed in WW2 so you’ll see that the majority of buildings are relatively new. (By European standards) Football is the major sport here and the city is very proud of the fact that it’s local team - Bodø/Glimt, the northernmost club to win a European league competition.

        Bodø certainly represents a hustling, busy place. Especially when compared to where we’ve visited over the past week or so.

        /Accommodation - Scandic Bodo 
        /Meals included - Breakfast & Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)  

        Day 11 - Saturday 17 August

        Something a bit different today. 30km away from our hotel is Saltstraumen Maelstrom. Let’s all say that quickly 10 times… 

        In all seriousness - Saltstraumen is a must see.  Up to 400 million cubic metres of seawater forces its way through a 3-kilometre long and 150-metre wide strait every six hours. Creating the strongest tidal current on the planet. The height difference between the sea level and the fjord can be up to 1 metre (3 ft 3 in). No swimming please.

        From Saltstraumen you can choose to ride as far as you want. It’s an out and back course. So, 60, 80 or 120km. Totally up to you. It’s your last chance for a really long ride so you may as well make the most of it.   

        /Accommodation - Scandic Bodo 
        /Meals included - Breakfast & Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)  

        Day 12 - Sunday 18 August

        The next couple of days are spent heading back towards Tromso. On each day we’ll find the right balance. A combination of driving and riding. If we pick the nicest, safest 70km for the bikes, that will only leave 230km in the vehicles.

        Narvik is our town for this evening. It’s almost exactly halfway between Bodo and Tromso. We know this town well as we stayed here for the 2019 Tour of the Arctic race. There are literally hundreds of things to do. It’s an adventure playground like no other. You can even visit the Polar Park which is the world’s northernmost zoo. Cuddling a wolf is even an option. But frowned upon by your travel insurance providers.  

        Tonight, we’re in for a treat. We catch the cable car to the top of Mount Narvikfjellet to watch the midnight sun. A fitting way to end our wonderful day.

        /Accommodation - Thon Partner Narvik
        /Meals included - Breakfast & Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)

        Day 13 – Monday 19 August

        Narvik really is the Queenstown of New Zealand. We see ourselves spending the morning here before driving back to Tromso. A short coffee ride before a 3hr drive? Or you may prefer to take advantage of one of the many walks that this part of the world is famous for.

        Late this afternoon we arrive back where it all started. Tromso. Where has the last 2 weeks got to. Time flies when you’re having fun.

        We’ll help pack down all the bikes. For some – there will be some last-minute souvenir shopping. This really is your last chance.

        Tonight, is our last dinner together. It’s time to say goodbye to our local staff. Let’s celebrate the amazing Arctic. What an amazing trip. Norway – we thank you!!

        /Accommodation - Clarion Hotel The Edge
        /Meals included - Breakfast & Dinner (Lunch own arrangements)

        Day 14 – Tuesday 20 August

        After breakfast we all go our separate ways.

        Thank you once again for joining Ride Holidays.

        Safe travels home.

        /Meals included - Breakfast


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