Why Choose Ride Holidays

Why Choose Us?
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Multiple Ride Options

RIDE Holidays cycle tours are achievable for anyone who rides a road bike, not just the serious cyclist. Generally - there are three bike rides to choose from - the less challenging 'cappuccino' (60km), 'latte' (80km) and the espresso - for those keen on 100km or more.

Non-Riding Partners

We encourage non-riding partners (Team Macchiato) to join us. To ensure they enjoy themselves equally, we tailor events and activities throughout the tour for them. They won't just be sitting in the back of a van watching cyclists.

10 Week Training Program & Local Staff

Our guides are ego free. Our rides are not races. But neither is it a baguette and basket type tour either. You will be challenged which is why we provide a 10 week training program for the majority of our trips. We use a combination of local and Australasian staff.

Quality Hotels

The hotels we use are picked for location and are generally 4 star. It's important to us that you eat, drink and sleep well. It's more than just a bike tour.

COVID Update & Safety

In lieu of COVID-19, we have decided that we won't be travelling to Europe and North America in 2022. Focussing on our own back yard in New Zealand and Australia. Safety has always been our priority. We are looking forward to returning to Europe in 2023 on a limited number of cycling tours. With more tours (including North America) being added in 2024.

While we realise that we can no longer mandate our clients to be fully vaccinated - it is still our strong preference that you are. This precaution is requested - given the physical nature of the activities and the close proximity we have to each other while on tour. All our staff are vaccinated.

Our Local & Worldwide Bike Tours 

You can still book for the likes of France, Italy, Canada, USA etc however we won't take deposits. Our 2022, 2023 local calendar will continually evolve. We can't wait to explore the likes of Northland, Taupo, Queenstown Southern Lakes, the West Coast of both NZ and Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Victorian Highlands. Amongst others. 

Thank you for your support.

Karl Woolcott, Dean Mills & Chris Wood


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