Salt Lake City to Southern and Eastern Utah
Plus the 2 day Moab Century Tour Race

08 to 19 September 2023 (12 Days / 11 Nights)

Our Utah cycling tour has been specifically designed for those that enjoy the thrill of cycling, and love to explore some amazing national parks…and see those magnificent canyons. So, we've crafted this tour to head south from Salt Lake City, get in some full on, adrenalin pumping cycling, and then take in the wonders of Utah (USA) National Parks.

We really did our homework on this one. We targeted September as the climate is perfect, and we found a fantastic 2 day sportive to work around…a fondo that incorporates two amazing National Parks - The Arches and the Canyonlands National Park. Add to that the chance of cycling all 200km of the Scenic Byway 12 which includes the iconic Bryce Canyon National Park and this trip is certainly one not to miss.

This cycling tour hasn't been designed just for the riders. We welcome your partners and non-riders to join us (which we fondly refer to as Team Macchiato). This part of the world is famous for its walking (or hiking as they say in the States). The other option for Team Mac is for you to hire an e-bike and join us on the road for some of the cycling.

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Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.

Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.

Overview and Key Features of the Tour | All within Utah

Cycling Tour of Utah - We start and finish in Salt Lake City
  • First 2 days to see and explore Salt Lake City and nearby Little Mountain.
  • We visit the Historical Parowan Gap Petroglyphs.
  • Next up - we make the most of Utah's magnificent sights - Red Canyon, and Bryce Canyon National Park, plus we make time for a ride out to Rainbow Point.
  • Time to take in amazing views combined with the unforgettable challenge of cycling to Bluebell Knoll (part of Boulder Mountain).

  • We see and experience the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
  • Another must - a ride through Capitol Reef National Park.
  • You can't have a cycling holiday without taking advantage of a fondo - we get amongst the action with the two day Moab Century Tour Race.
  • It's near the end and on our way back to Salt Lake City - we visit the Utah Olympic Park, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Our Utah Cycling Tour | Key Details

Tour Inclusions

  • 3 - 4 star accommodation throughout.
  • Your Ride Holiday Tour Guides: Our regular American guides Ryan Fowler and Jen Slowey.
  • 2 day Gran Fondo entry to the Moab Century Tour Race
  • Entry into various Utah (USA) National Parks.
  • Up to 950km cycling at your pace. Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso.
  • All breakfasts, 8 dinners and 5 lunches.
  • All your snack bars, cycling food is included.
  • Includes all tips (guides and pre-arranged meals).
  • 10 week training programme.
  • RH Utah kit top, souvenir booklet.
  • Maps provided as well as GPS assistance.

This bike tour has already reached the minimum numbers so is now guaranteed to proceed.

The Tour Price Excludes

  • International airfares - Karl can advise.
  • Bike Rental - NZD800.00 E-bikes will be approx. the same cost.
  • Travel Insurance - compulsory! Karl can arrange. (We can also offer insurance for the Fondo).
  • Pre-& post tour accommodation or tours

The Tour Cost

  • $NZD7850.00 / $AUD7540.00 per person twin share
  • $NZD7700.00/ $AUD 7400.00 for past, repeat clients
  • $NZD1500.00/ $AUD1400.00 for single room

The NZD vs USD exchange rate has always been challenging.

We reserve the right to adjust the tour cost. COVID has meant that it's almost impossible to predict currency and the NZD, AUD against the USD is literally having 10% swings. We will look at this when the tour is guaranteed to run.

Payment for the Cycle Tour and Holiday

  • Due to the current Covid-19 uncertainty - There is no deposit to be paid on this tour. Please ignore the invoice that is automatically generated. We will monitor the coronavirus situation and keep you posted if this changes. At this stage - balance is due 60 days prior to departure.

    Also - the costs are approximate as the NZD vs USD is simply too hard to predict. In the past 6 weeks it has moved by 15%.

    Tour of Utah & Utah National Parks | Itinerary

    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.
    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.

    Salt Lake City & then Heading South | Utah

    Day 1, Friday 08 September

    Welcome to Salt Lake City

    Arrive in Salt Lake City (ideally in the morning) and be met by your guides. We'll have the hire bikes ready to go. For those bringing your own we'll have guides on hand to help. This afternoon we head out for a short 20km ride to explore the sights of Salt Lake City. A city known for its excellent bike paths. This afternoon's ride is purely to turn the legs and make sure that everything (you and the bike) is behaving. The good news is that we know where the best coffee is. And it isn't Starbucks. Speaking of drink - tonight we eat at a local craft brewery. Up until recently the strongest beer you could buy in the State was 3.5%. That's changed - another good reason to visit Utah. We'll introduce the team over dinner and run through the plan for the next few days. Great to have you here.

    / Accommodation: Salt Lake City
    / Meals: Dinner

    Day 2, Saturday 09 September

    Not so Little Mountain

    It's our first full day on the bike. Like all of our tours we will have options in place to fit everyone. The maximum being 100km and the shortest being 60km. Salt Lake City sits at 1300m above sea level so it's a good day to simply ride at your own pace. Our target today is a little mountain called Little Mountain. It sits at over 2143m. Hmm, that's higher than Mont Ventoux. This part is well known for its birdlife - in particular - American Bald Eagles.

    Team Mac… there are plenty of options. One being a walking trail in the same vicinity that we're cycling. Or, you can go all cultural on us as we head for the Natural History Museum. Or a combination of both.

    It's very early days however our goal for tonight is to find some American sport to watch. Live. It's baseball season. How cool would that be…

    / Accommodation: Salt Lake City
    / Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

    Day 3, Sunday 10 September

    The Historical Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

    Thanks SLC, see you in a few days. In fact, we leave our bike bags and any unwanted luggage at our hotel.

    After breakfast we head south on the interstate 15 which runs all the way to the Mexico border. Fortunately, we're not going as far as that. Our short four and a half hour trip will see us in Parowan with plenty of time to visit the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs. This is the first taste of the rich history this area has to offer.

    We will certainly ride this afternoon however it won't be massive. Get a good night's sleep as the next few days will see you ride across the State of Utah.

    / Accommodation: Parowan / Brian Head
    / Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

    Day 4, Monday 11 September

    Red Canyon then on to Bryce Canyon

    Panguitch Lake…fishing anyone? Actually, we won't have time for that as our focus today is on Bryce Canyon. You won't find a brochure in Utah without a photo of Bryce. In fact - we plan to leave early so you can make the most of the early morning light. Bearing in mind that you will be at a constant 2000m altitude, we will be taking it easy for the first day or two. The support van will be nearby in case you don't want to ride the whole way. It's a 110km ride with a stop for lunch in Panguitch township. After lunch we start our journey along the Scenic Byway 12, beginning in aptly named Red Canyon.

    Team Mac head out for a hike on Thunder Mountain. You will be as fit as the cyclists by tour end.

    / Accommodation: Bryce
    / Meals: Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)

    Time to get Biking in Bryce Canyon National Park…plus more

    Let's see Canyons, National Parks & the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.

    Day 5, Tuesday 12 September

    Exploring Bryce Canyon National Park

    Bryce Canyon National Park (BCNP) has so much to offer and that's why we have two nights here. After breakfast some may choose to explore by foot while others on the bike. Saying that, why not both?

    Today's ride out to Rainbow Point (part of BCNP) offers even more grandeur views of the massive Colorado Plateau and the artwork designed over millions of years by mother nature. This afternoon you'd be wise to join team Mac in a stroll into the canyon itself on a 2 hour hike that gives a bird's eye appreciation of what erosion, temperature, and time have worked to create in this well preserved land.

    The major feature, despite the name is not so much the canyon/s but the giant natural amphitheatres. For the night owls in the group, we encourage a short walk from the hotel to snatch a glimpse of the stars. Being a registered Night Sky sanctuary, take the opportunity to witness the impressive and vibrant Milky Way as Bryce Canyon is a region with almost zero light pollution.

    / Accommodation: Bryce
    / Meals: Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner own arrangements)

    Day 6, Wednesday 13 September


    We ride hotel to hotel. It's only 82km so those who want more mileage will simply need to top up which is easily done. In fact, for those really keen - how about a 40km ride up in to Bryce before breakfast?

    Our ride includes seeing the amazing Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Its name doesn't really convey the beauty and size of this area of protected natural land area of southern Utah. We then spend the rest of the day riding in and out of farmland with the odd amazing slot (Google it) canyon thrown in for good measure.

    Peekaboo and Spooky are two Canyon names so that's the area Team Mac will target. You guys can head off for some Peekaboo games and we'll catch up at dinner.

    Tonight we're staying in Escalante. It's a cowboy town that quite simply hasn't changed since Butch Cassidy was in town. You'll see.

    / Accommodation: Escalante
    / Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Day 7, Thursday 14 September

    Time to cycle to the clouds

    OK, today will be testing. But, that's what it's all about. It's not an Insight Vacations Coach tour.

    Boulder Mountain is the highest timbered plateau in North America with Bluebell Knoll sitting at 3,448 meters. We will climb to just over 3000m which is 400m higher than Col du Galibier. Easy peasy. The ride it's self is just under 110km and includes the Scenic Byway 12. Often described as being the greatest road trip offered in America. The other highlight for us cyclists being the smooth marble like surface. Let's just hope the wind is blowing in the right direction!

    Team Mac check out a small espresso bar for scones and coffee before visiting Anasazi State Park Museum; which features the ruins of an ancient Native American village. The plan is to then catch up with the cyclists as they may need our support today.

    / Accommodation: Torrey
    / Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

    Day 8, Friday 15 September

    Capital Reef National Park

    An understated and often overlooked National Park in central Utah awaits. The ride through Capitol Reef National Park will only be 50km as tomorrow's number is fairly big. It's a good idea to rest those legs. In fact, we will try and pre-book massage for this afternoon. If the massage doesn't work then the pies and ice cream from the Gifford Homestead will. They're compulsory. We'll also discover more about the Mormon settlers who developed this area.

    Our aim is to arrive in Moab fairly early as you will need to collect your registrations etc.

    Make sure you visit the local brewery which weirdly doubles as a cycling clothes shop. Drink up, spend up.

    / Accommodation: Moab
    / Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

    It's Race Time with the Moab Century Tour Race

    A fondo that incorporates two amazing USA National Parks - Enjoy!

    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.

    Day 9, Saturday 16 September

    Moab Century Tour Race - Day 1 - Dead Horse State Park

    What a way to explore the most iconic National Parks in Utah with a couple of thousand other likeminded cyclists. The two-day Century Tour has 3 ride options available for day 1 - 61km, 96km & 160km. The shorter 61km option is an out and back along the Colorado river while the two longer routes include the incredible Dead Horse State Park.

    Team Mac, while in Moab it's a must to visit the Arches National Park. Let's see how many of the iconic postcard landmarks we can tick off. There are actually quite a few non-cycling opportunities available in Moab. In fact, if you are horse friendly then this is the place to do a horse trek. (Live Horse, as opposed to Dead Horse)

    / Accommodation: Moab
    / Meals: Breakfast & Lunch.

    Day 10, Sunday 17 September

    Moab Century Tour Race - Day 2 - The Big Nasty

    While today's distance has only one option of 100km, as the name suggests it has a hidden gem. The aptly named "The Big Nasty" is 11km in length with an elevation gain of just under 1000 meters. Ouch! The La Sal Mountain Loop route offers an incredible collection of cycling pleasures. Towering red rock canyons flush with the meandering Colorado River, majestic La Sal Mountains, roadways arrowing through vast views of mystical desert.

    For Team Mac, today will be a better time to head out to Dead Horse Point. There is also an option to walk with the Giants along the way. Ever wanted to know just how big a T-Rex was?

    / Accommodation: Moab
    / Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Last 2 Days - We head back to Salt Lake City

    Sadly all good things must come to an end

    Day 11, Monday 18 September

    Time to head back - but let's fit in the Olympic Park

    This morning we are up nice and early for a short recovery coffee ride. It's then a 4-hour transfer back to where it all began, however we plan to visit the Utah Olympic Park. This was the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics where a well know Aussie legend won their first winter gold medal. The park is open all year round as it serves as a training center for Olympic and development level athletes.

    This afternoon we will help pack down the bikes prior to our last dinner together. What an amazing trip we've had. All up, there's almost 950km on offer. You can choose to do as much or as little as you wish. Whatever you achieve we will celebrate in style. Tonight, we eat flash.

    / Accommodation: Salt Lake City

    Day 12, Tuesday 19 September

    Home James - end of our cycling tour and holiday

    Thank you for joining us on our very first visit to Utah. Feel free to stay in Salt Lake City for a day or two. We can easily arrange extra accommodation. Your American guides are even keen on getting you out for another ride if you're up for it. Otherwise, travel safe for wherever you are heading to.

    We look forward to seeing you again on the next adventure.

    Thanks again

    The team at RH.

    / Meals: Breakfast

    Utah USA National Parks Cycling Tour, cycling tours and holidays Utah USA, bike tours and holidays USA.


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