The Ride Holidays 100km Matariki Challenge 

24-26 June 2022

The predawn rising of Matariki in the mid-winter sky marks the changing of the seasons and the beginning of the Māori New Year. On the 24th of June, New Zealand celebrates its first Matariki public holiday. It is a day of remembrance, celebration and looking forward to the future. Wherever you are in the world - we can all relate to this. Over the course of the long weekend we are challenging you to ride 100km.

How to enter

  • Sign up on this page and encourage your friends to do so as well.
  • Dates – pick either Fri, Sat or Sun (24, 25 and 26 Jun)
  • Goal – 100km ride (ie, 1 ride. Pick your favourite. Enjoy). Can be indoors or out.
  • Please celebrate with a donut, coffee, chips, wine, beer, lemonade.  
  • Join our Ride Holidays Strava Club if not already: New Zealand Club | RIDE Holidays on Strava
  • Complete the 100km challenge and save your Strava activity with the heading “RH 100km Matariki Challenge


Prizes are to be confirmed – but they will be epic. All prizes drawn out of a hat under the strict supervision of a black Labrador.

Extra prizes for the best RH photos (ideally in pink) attached to your strava ride. Or, tag us in on socials. Please wear your RH kit.  

Cost – nothing compulsory – however, we will be offering t-shirts (for sale) and in doing so we’ll be adding a donation to our kids bike charity.

Otherwise, feel free to donate here

Sign up here

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