Bon Courage Challenge

The Bon Courage 5376km relates to the 22 stages of the 1928 Tour de France. We'd like to honour the extraordinary feats of the Anzac team. Comprising Harry Watson, Hubert Opperman, Percy Osborn and Ernie Bainbridge.

Sorry, our quota of 100 cyclists has been reached

From 01 April to 31 December you must ride 5376km either indoor or outside. This must show on your strava at the end of the year.

Ride Holidays and Tineli will then give you the one of a kind - Bon Courage 5376km cycling jersey.

This competition is limited to the first 100 cyclists.

In brief…

What - you need to bike 5376km (indoor or out) from 01 April to 31 Dec.

Why - because it's bloody good for us and we could all do with a bit of good stuff.

How - You need to register below and ideally join our strava club.

Who - Same as RH240 - you need to be an existing client (max 100 though).

Reward -Tineli and RH will gift you the super cool shirt you can see here.

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Sorry, our quota of 100 cyclists has been reached, we are no longer taking registrations.

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