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Gravel, Kiwis and Fresh Snapper

12 – 18 March 2023 (7 Days / 6 Nights)

We’ve run this trip twice now and it really is fantastic. Which is why we’re going back.

On our inaugural Coro trip, we visited areas of the peninsula which can only be described as remote. Perfectly remote!! Feedback from clients – Don’t change anything.

We didn’t change, but we did tinker. 

Coro version 3 gives you the best of the best. We’ve added a few things that will only make your holiday even better. 

The actual distances aren't massive. It’s the vertical metres that makes it a challenge. Most of the roads are gravel, a bit of track and some paved. It's not for a road bike so you'll need either a gravel, mountain, or e-bike. (We have e-bikes and mountain bikes for hire)

Like all RH tours we will have a lot of flexibility and equally import - unlimited support. You can literally turn up on this 7day trip and all you need to think about is riding, sleeping, eating and the odd coffee or wine. We will do everything else.

Team Mac are very welcome. Our 3 accommodation locations are perfect for long walks, reading books on the beach and wildlife spotting.

Look forward to seeing you in March.

Cheers Karl and the RH team,

Tour Details

Tour Inclusions & Highlights

  • 2 nights Coromandel Town, Anglers Lodge and at the Tangiaro Kiwi Retreat.
  • All meals and all cycling snacks. (Bananas, electrolytes, bars etc)
  • Small group size - Max 20 cyclists. 5 staff.
  • Mechanical support. 2 vehicles with bike trailers.
  • Choice of ride distances each day.
  • Entry into Waterworks. Driving Creek railway tickets are also included.
  • Team Mac are very welcome, but, on this tour, you would need to accompany the support vehicles. We won't have a separate program. We would search out a nice walk for you every day.
  • RIDE Holidays cycle jersey
  • Traditional RH booklet to add to your collection
  • We include 6 Kiwi protection traps with each Coro tour

    The Tour Price Excludes

    • Airfares and extra accommodation
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Travel insurance

    The Tour Cost

    • 7 days / 6 nights NZD3200.00 per person twin share
    • Single room. Was NZD720.00, now only $500.00. Subject to availability.
    • Non-rider cost NZD2750.00 (includes hotels, meals, transport)

    Terms and Conditions

    Deposit & Balance terms and conditions. There is an initial deposit of $300.00 which allows us to pay deposits to the hotels. The balance to be paid 60 days prior to departure. It is our advice that you have travel insurance in place.  

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      Coromandel Minibreak Itinerary 2023

      Day 1 - Sunday 12 March

      Coromandel Town

      Thank you for joining us. Designed around catching up with friends, exploring this beautiful part of the world, and relaxing.  

      There are quite a few joining options and I'm happy to work with what best suits you.

      A, there's an 8.30am ferry (2hr) from Auckland which arrives 12km south of Coromandel Town at about 11am. We would be there to meet you, grab your bags while you ride to our accommodation.

      Plan B means you would simply drive to Coro Town and leave your car at our joining hotel. We have plenty of room.

      Plan C will come in to play if we have people flying into Auckland. Somehow, we'd work logistics around picking you up if you don’t have a vehicle.

      What I'm trying to say is - let's talk… I'll then work out the best solution for you.

      Early this afternoon (1.30pm) we will ride. Just a short one. But hilly. We want to make sure everything is working properly. You and the bikes.

      Toot Toot!! There are some must do’s when you come to this part of the world. The Driving Creek railway is one of them. See you on the train.

      Tonight, we eat at Coromandel’s finest restaurant. The Pepper Tree. It’s world famous and they’re very much looking forward to seeing us. Our team will run through the plan for tomorrow and answer any questions you may have.

      / Accommodation: Coromandel
      / Meals Included: Welcome Dinner

      Day 2 - Monday 13 March

      Road 309 Honey

      We start with a café breakfast. Because we can. Coffee is included.

      ROAD 309. It’s what the locals refer to as the bucket list ride in the region. It actually doesn’t have a name - simply referred to as the 309 Road. Excellent.

      The goal is to get everyone to 309 Honey which is where the Bees live. We taste the best manuka honey in the entire world. Bring your wallet.

      Today you will see pigs. And possibly Stuart. (He owns the pigs) According to google (which is always correct) Stuart has become a roadside tourist attraction and is living under virtual house arrest in order to protect his pigs. (Which are scattered all across the road) Speaking from experience - the pigs are really smelly and you should keep on riding. At pace.

      On the 309 there's also a great café (and amusement park) called Water Works. (Entry is included) It's also our lunch destination for today. It's then back to Coro and a further 17km along the coast (paved) to our waterfront accommodation for the next 2 nights.

      Just to recap the mileage for today. Anywhere up to 40km prior to lunch. And then another 20 or so after. Total climbing is about a thousand.

      This afternoon you should chill. Our waterfront lodge is perfect for pulling up a seat, grabbing a book and a beer.

      Tonight's dinner – Snapper. Fresh. End of.

      / Accommodation: Anglers Lodge
      / Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Day 3 - Tuesday 14 March

      Fletcher Bay and back - Queen Stage

      6am yoga.

      Nah. There's really no urgency to hop on the bikes. Let's look at a mid-morning departure.

      Here's our navigation advice for today. On the way to Fletcher Bay keep the blue stuff to the left and the green stuff to the right. Reverse that on the way back home.

      We will have 2 vehicles in and around you for any mechanical issues or to top up your fluid.

      Lunch and your turnaround spot Fletcher Bay which is exactly 45km away from our hotel. Of the 90km - 70% is on gravel roads. Oh, there's a bit of climbing. Hmm 1400VM seems like a big figure. For those who only want to ride half then you can get a lift back with Frank. Be warned - he loves to sing, and Jonny Cash is his favourite.

      Seriously though – today is a brilliant day on the bike. But it is a challenge. If you feel like trying out an ebike then we do have them on standby.

      The only town we’ll pass today is Colville. There’s a café (with great coffee) where we had dinner last night, a general store. (yes - has pies) North of Colville there is nothing physically you can spend money on (that’s legal). There is no café around the corner so make sure you are sufficiently caffeinated prior to departing Colville

      Tonight, we dine back at the Hereford 'n' a Pickle. Burgers, chips and craft beer. Excellent.

      / Accommodation: Anglers Lodge
      / Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Day 4 - Wednesday 15 March

      Kiwi Retreat

      Today as the holiday part of the Ride. There will be a few tired legs after yesterday’s effort.

      Our next accommodation is only 30km up the road however we are going to include an extra 15km or so. Thanks to Gavin and Leanne - we’re lucky enough to have been given access to some private land that offers pristine gravel and guaranteed zero traffic. Making today a total of 55km and about 1000VM. Again – not massive mileage but very hilly so make sure you have the appropriate gears.

      Really important - believe it or not, you are also going to pass the Mahamudra Centre – a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat. There’s a stupa (prayer temple) right on the roadside. It’s custom that we jump off our bikes and walk clockwise around the temple – 3, 7 or 11 times. If you do this then it will bring positive energy, good health & happiness. Something we all could do with.

      Our home for the next 2 nights - Tangiaro Kiwi Retreat. Named after the 50 Kiwi that call this area home. Apparently the most Kiwi living on private land throughout NZ. We heard them very clearly on the previous 2 trips.  

      Set amongst this enchanting native bush, Tangiaro has 13 well-appointed modern chalets which blend gently into the natural surroundings and make you feel as if you are a part of the native bush. It’s this bush that you should take the time to explore this afternoon. There are many walks to choose from. Or if all you want to do is relax then how about spending a couple of hours in one of the spa pools that are scattered throughout the bush. Sounds terrible.

      This evening – over dinner. One of the local conservation rangers is coming to talk to us about their Kiwi program and the extensive pest control that they do in this apart of the world. On each Coromandel trip we buy 6 pest traps. Thanks to you. 

      / Accommodation: Tangiaro Kiwi Retreat
      / Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Day 5 - Thursday 16 March

      Coromandel Coastal Walkway

      10km on a gravel road from the Kiwi retreat is the start of the Coro Coastal walkway.

      "It's like walking through a 10km film set!" is how it's described on the official website. We vouch for that. It’s stunning.

      Having done this twice, we’ve decided it’s a nicer walk than a bike ride. It's only 5km in each direction up to the lookout through native bush. It’s about 3 hours. If walking isn’t your gig turn around when you've had enough. 

      To summarise. 10km in each direction (Which will take you an hour as it’s very hilly) and a 3 hour walk. Believe me, you won’t need any more exercise for today. Total VM is over 1000.    

      On the way back to Kiwi retreat we suggest a compulsory swim. There are quite a few bays to choose from. In mid-March the beaches will be empty. You still need to wear togs though – it’s not that kind of trip.

      Tonight, we enjoy more of the same. A great meal, nice company and then we retire to the spa pools to listen out for Kiwi.

      / Accommodation: Tangiaro Kiwi Retreat
      / Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Day 6 - Friday 17 March

      Kennedy Bay

      All good things must come to an end. We leave our Kiwi paradise and make our way back to Coromandel town. 

      Today's point to point is a shade over 40km however it is another 1000m of climbing. Lunch is either at Little Bay or Whisky Bay.  

      I've just added up my July Coro version 2 stats. March will be identical and should give you what you need to prepare.

      Total kms – 320

      Vertical metres - 5900 (this includes the walk)

      Largest hill – 500VM. Which happens to be today when you climb out of Kennedy Bay and over to Coro Town. 

      Please remember that on any given day you can choose to upgrade to an e-bike. (subject to availability) It's a great opportunity to try this new revolution.

      This afternoon - some of you will need to pack away bikes etc before our last dinner together. It's been a great week. My legs are tired.

      Nite nite,

      / Accommodation: Coromandel
      / Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Day 7 - Saturday 18 March

      Back to the big smoke

      It's a café breakfast before we all head our different ways. We're picking that the majority of you will have your own cars. For those catching the ferry back to Auckland it doesn't depart until 4.30 this afternoon.

      Frank and I will have vehicles though so we can accommodate most departure requests.

      Once again - thank you for joining Ride Holidays.

      Ride safe,

      Karl and RH team


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