The Ride Holidays SPRING Challenge

2-4 September 2022 (Friday to Sunday)

We want you to think "Spring". Take a photo that resembles this. 

There will be bonus marks for any little wee wiggly lamb photos. Others may want to hunt down some daffodils. For some, it could be a cool photo of some cobbles. 

It's up to you. So, think Spring, Spring, Spring and take your best photos!! While in lycra of course.

How to enter

  • Sign up on this page and encourage your friends to do so as well.
  • Dates – pick either Fri, Sat or Sun (2-4 Sept)
  • Ride - 50km min. (must be an outside ride because Zwift doesn’t change seasons)
  • Reduce to 15km if you ride with a child. Ka pai to you for doing so…
  • Standard nutrition rules applies - donut, coffee, chips, wine, beer, lemonade.
  • Join our Ride Holidays Strava Club if not already: New Zealand Club | RIDE Holidays on Strava
  • Complete the Spring Challenge and save your Strava activity with the heading “RH Spring Challenge” or tag us in on your social photos #RideHolidays 
  • If you want to be100% sure that we’ll see your photo then email it to


Prizes – Super cool ones. Caps, bottles, bags, clothes. (The more pink in your photos the more chance you have of winning)

Cost – nothing compulsory – however, we will be asking all cyclists (except kids) to donut (donate) $10.00 to our kids on bikes charity. If everyone does this then every 4 riders will buy us a helmet which we are short of.

Sign up here

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